White Lion Holdings


We build bespoke financial models for cannabis clients, determine the feasibility of the site, facilitate the SAHPRA cannabis license application, design and set up the cultivation and processing facilities, supply the genetics and assist in selecting the off take market.


Passionate about skills Development, the team at the White Lion Cannabis Consultancy is dedicated to contributing towards healing our planet by assisting, teaching and uplifting all participating communities.

It is a priority for us to build sustainable operations for clients, the environment, as well as our country and her people.

The White Lion Cannabis Consultancy will engage in a Service Level Agreement which covers site selection, a 5-year business projection spreadsheet, a bespoke design of the proposed facility as well as the license document preparation required by SAHPRA.

Once the cultivation license is approved, high performance, commercial grade genetics are provided and further assistance with the off take of the biomass.



It can take between 6 and 12 weeks to complete your site selection, business plan and the documentation required for the submission of the license application to SAHPRA.

No, you need to build your facility before you get your license.

With no unexpected delays, your first crop should be harvested in 11-12 months from the day you engage WLH.

According to the current regulations, all the cannabis that is produced under your SAHPRA cultivation license must be exported to a country that may legally import it or sold to another local license holder (with approval from SAHPRA).

At this stage, your standard SAHPRA cultivation license will not allow you to cultivate outdoors, but this may change in the foreseeable future.  As you are cultivating for the medical cannabis industry the cultivation needs to take place in a controlled environment according to GMP/GACP standards.

You need at least 150kVA supplied to the site to run a 900m² facility and 500kVA for a 2700m² facility.

You will need around 6000l per day to run a 900m² facility and 18000l per day for a 2700m² facility.

WLH is partnered with some of the largest seed banks in the world in Holland.  Once you receive your SAHPRA cultivation license, WLH will assist you with the legal importation of the genetics you require.

Yes, due to the awareness that is being created around the healing properties of the cannabis plant worldwide, there is a demand for dried flower internationally.

Cannabis can be grown in ANY region in South Africa with the caveat that some regions will require a greater capex investment due to specific environmental conditions.  WLH will assist you with this determination as part of our Service Level Agreement.

White Lion Cannabis Consultancy will engage you with a Service Level Agreement that covers site selection, your 5-year business projection spreadsheet, a bespoke design of your proposed facility as well as the document preparation required by SAHPRA.  Once you are awarded your license, we will supply you with your cannabis genetics and assist you in finding a market for your crop.

A 900m² greenhouse can be populated with between 9 000-10 000 plants – this is dependent on the specified design criteria as well as the cultivation method selected for the cultivation.

This is dependent on the number and type of cannabis plants that you have planted in your greenhouse.  We estimate that if you grow according to our supplied Standard Operating Procedures, you should achieve at least 15g per plant.