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Grow Kit



The CCS 17L bag is made from a breathable, reusable fabric, the join has a Velcro strip which makes the removal of a plant easier and with minimal damage to the root system.  Completed with 2 handles aiding with carrying and moving of the bag.

Description of the items included:

  • A round 17 cm plastic stand for the bag to sit on, aiding drainage
  • Cannabis Premium grow medium, created by CCS
  • Grodan Rockwell Cubes for the germination process
  • Greenhouse Powder Feeding fertiliser to nourish your plant.  The Grow fertiliser is to be applied during the growing sage and the Hybrid Fertiliser is applied during the flowering stage.
  • Also an easy-to-follow guide to instruct you with the planting and caring of your cannabis plant from start to end product.


1 x Fabric grow bag

1 x Plastic bag stand

3 x Rockwell Cubes

1 x bag of Cannabis Premium Grow Medium

1 x 125g Grow from Green House Powder Feeding

1 x 125g Hybrid from Green House Powder Feeding

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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